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About Bouncy Tails, Inc.

Matthew Foley

CEO & Product Creator

Raymond Lian


Andrew Roche


Our Team

          It was the summer of 2015, and a litter of kittens were in need of rescue following a brutal Florida storm. My parents, being the pet-lovers that they are, took the needy kittens in. I returned home from my summer semester at college to find these little fur balls running around. There were plenty of toys for them to play with, yet none seemed to pique their interest. I looked around and saw a bouncy ball lying on the floor and thought, "Why isn't there a bouncy ball for cats!?". At that moment, I knew I had to give this idea a shot. I snatched a feather off some random toy and strapped it to the ball. Once I began bouncing the toy, the kittens started going crazy as they swatted, chased, and flung the first ever Bouncy Tail around! This was the start to our Bouncy Tails adventure. From there, I asked my long-time friends Ray Lian and Andrew Roche to join me in my quest!


          Bouncy Tails, Inc is a company that encourages playtime between pets and their family, while contributing to the pet community! From the very beginning, we felt it was only right to channel our success back to those rescue pets who inspired it. We accomplish our goal of giving back to the pet community by donating a portion of our profits to animal shelters and foundations throughout the year. Our one of a kind toy is loved by many and it gives love back! We thank you for your support by choosing Bouncy Tails as your favorite playtime toy! Click the IG button below to follow our journey!


Here's the creative minds who help bring you Bouncy Tails! Turning this idea into a fun interactive cat toy!

Our Team

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